Thursday, 5 January 2012

Final Major Project: Mood Boards

Before beginning to enter the concept art stage I thought that it'd be best to put together several moodboards for the three main characters for their designs. These characters are ofcourse: Sir Gutsy, Princess Fairly and Wizard Devioso, the mood board for the characters is really nothing more than a collection of images that I feel could/can/will influence the designs of these characters.

This Mood Board created for Gutsy contains loads of great reference illustrations to real knights and images of cartoon/fictional knights/heros with simiiar qualities, I feel this gives me a good range to start working on concept art with and a good mixture of colours there's plenty of room here to come up with many variations for one design.

This is the moodboard for Princess Fairly, I had a lot of difficulty trying to even gather images for this one but I feel in the end I got a good range of images ranging from stylised cartoons to of the era portrait paintings. Since I've never really developed a princess like character I feel this one may be the hardest for me to develop, but I'm confident I'll develop something of a high enough standard.

Again I feel I got a good range of visuals for my Wizard moodboard and theres a definite theme showing through in terms of colour and general design motif. With devious characters it's always fun to see what variations you can come up with.

With these done I'm almost ready to start designing the characters themselves, I'll have to create a moodboard for level designs but overall I feel that this can be left until I have some preliminary designs of the characters done. Bring on the concept art!

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