Monday, 16 January 2012

Final Major Project: Gutsy's Quest Re-Dux

Recently Will and I had a meeting with our tutors where in we discussed what it was we were looking to do exactly before we wrote up our final brief. By the end of the session we had decided on what exactly our deliverables should be:

One Completed video Game Level:
This is instead on creating our original 3 levels as we felt we could focus our efforts on one to create a final high quality level that could be used in a video game. If there is time nearer the end of the project we may build more levels but for now we're focusing on just the One.

Two Fully Rendered and Animated Characters:
Again this is a reduction in the original amount to focus our efforts on creating high quality models. Originally there were going to be four models but now we're focusing on just the player character and an enemy character.

We'll be adding more components to make the game appear as professionally made such as a HUD, Background Music, Sound Effects and a Menu.

Overall we feel it will focus our work into creating quality rather than quantity, also we'll be aiming to release a PC build rather than an ios device initially. Potentially looking at getting the game as a beta build/demo released on Steam. We're confident that we can create a high quality level for people to play.

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