Thursday, 5 January 2012

Final Major Project: Getting Published

Whilst thinking about the potential future for this project I beghan to investigate, how does one get a game published, especially a small budget, indy game. Immediately I thought of the PC platform Steam. Steam is essentially an online shop for people to buy and play games from online, owned by the Valve Corperation, who they themselves make video games nsuch as Half-Life and Team-Fortress 2, Steam is their personal service that allows customers to not only buy games, but also play them online with each other for free, it's got a whole littlwe community behind it.

So How exactly does one get a game onto Steam?

The process to get a game published on Steam seems very lengthy but when reading it it's clear that it's all there for the benefit of you, the game makers (for lack of a better term). To get you're game published all you have to do is send in the application form with a demo or full build of the game and they'll consider it.

Publishing on steam also comes with loads of benefits such as the ability to add microtransactions to your game, full controller support, Reatil Support (pricing, release date etc), the ability to update the game with newer versions.

On top of all these Steam also boasts Publishing Services such as; Anti-Piracy (Custom Excutable Generation, Retail Encryption and Valuable Platform-Dependant Features), Auto Updating, Real-time Sales Data, Territory Control, Key based- Authentication and Weekend and Guest Passes.

Steam also allows developers to do Beta-testing and bug reporting to make the games even better.

All this comes with a simple application form and demo of your game, after that if your game gets approved it's myunderstanding business things get discussed such as princing and revinue cuts. Steam seems like a paradise for independant developers and with the amount of features it has and with little things such as being able to update or beta-test seems like a great way to get a game out there easily. I have a feeling when we have a near finalised build of the game we'll be using this as an outlet for our product.

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