Sunday, 18 December 2011

Final Major Project: Time Management

For this project Will and I sat down to discuss how we'll manage our time as this is the largest project either of us have taken on thus far, so the key to it's success is obviously good time management.

Ideally by the 6th of February we want to have the all Research and Development completed, this includes concept art, game layout and a white boxed prototype of the game in unity with models and basic textures.

This breaks down into something like this:
12th Dec - 23rd Dec: Research
27th Dec - 14th Jan: Conceptualising (whilst Will test script in Unity)
15th Jan - 6th Feb: Modelling & Rigging
27th Jan - 6th Feb: Textures, basic animation and a Game Bible.

Once we reach the 6th February and complete our intrim crit. presentation we will create a new time management list. I've found that this system works best for me as it helps me keep track in a way I'm comfortable with as it leaves time and space for cramming sessions should I fall behind. I plan to create some kind of graph to help visualise this and keep it with in view of my work area as a constant reminder.

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