Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Final Major Project: Texture Test

I mentioned a while back whilst looking at game textures I would try create mario-type textures myself. Well I finally got round to it and created a bunch f variants (the first one shown here to the right).

Using tips found in the the book, 3D Game Textures by Luke Ahearn, I created these mario blocks to try emulate their look from Mario 3D Land. I'm most proud with how the brick block turned out as the texture gives it false depth in the cracks of the bricks. I did several variations on the yellow bricks, from having black borders to having lighter or darker yellow edge borders and it's really a choice of style of how I would want mine to look (if replicating mario; black if emulating 2d games, lighter yellow if emulating 3d games). Obviously these blocks don't look quite like the ones in Mario 3D land but that's because they lack the proper shaders and lighting but once that is applied (especially the all important self illuminating texture) they should look much better.

I feel that this texture style will be great for my art style and that the two should work perfectly together if I created my texture maps with painstaking accuracy.

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