Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Final Major Project: Professional Design Sheets

When it comes down to creating concept art it's not really a question of how you do it, but more how you present it. Initially I thought there was a specific way to present them but after researching into various pieces from top studios it's hard to say which method is the "proper" method, but one consistant property in each piece is the inclusion of the project logo, the title of the piece and finally the artists name.

Ofcourse there are different methods but to have this look professional when it comes to the final stages I should have a logo to use and atleast one basic, consistant lay out to use for all pieces, maybe even a date stamp.

There are also different types of concept art such as concept pieces for enironments and character designs both can use the same type of sheet with the same information on them but I think the main difference is the character design sheets are a lot more informative and have more information on them where as the concept sheets are to give more of a feel of what the scene/character should look like.

Whilst there are some movie and games that have a very sterile layout for the concept and production art with boarders and labels beyond, title, purpose and artists I feel that aslong as all pieces are labelled correctly and presented in a clear manner would be suitable for the project in terms of presentation and organisation of the art. Obviously by the time comes to put all the pieces together I should hopefully have a logo to use to help solidify that professional feel.

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