Saturday, 24 December 2011

Final Major Project: Game Influences (Pt. 4)

When thinking of game play Will and I knew we wanted to create, a fairly simple hack'n slash game that would be accessible to all ages (predominately 7+ though). When thinking of basing our game play on several games, two true hack'n slash games, "Devil May Cry" and "God of War" but also a shoot 'em up game; "Mini-Gore", but we considered our interface limitations and the complexity for our project and are still trying to settle on how our gameplay would be presented.

In Devil May Cry (developed by Capcom), players control the sword and gun weilding character Dante (from a third person perspective) as he fights off hordes of demons, the main objective of the game is to complete a level with the highest ranking based on a graded system of E-S. To get higher rankings players must complete levels as quickly as possibly whilst getting higher scores, this is possible by pulling off combos when attacking enemies by entering combinations of various buttons, the better/longer a combo is the higher the score. Along the way players can pick up new weapons and upgrades that may increase attack power or player health and ofcourse through the course of the game difficulty gets harder (the series is known for the level of difficulties a player can select before playing). Another thing that should be noted is the HUD (Heads up Display) in the image above, you can see the health of both Dante (top left) and his enemy (bottom of the screen) and the ranking the player is currently on with how long the have to go till the next level (left side). There are other factors such as the number of orbs a player has collected (top left). All of this information is nicely displayed and leaves plenty of room for the player to see what he's doing.

God of War as a game, follows a very similar gameplay style with players dispatching enemies with combos along levels whilst getting upgrades to dispatch stronger enemies. Both games are game play oriented but do feature an over arching story.

Overall the gameplay styles of Devil May Cry and God of War may be a bit more complex to not only code but to also allow all players from all audiences enjoy our game. A potential solution to this may be to create a basic combo system that is based on enemies killed in a row without being hit or a one button combo system where in if the player hits the attack button several times in a row. The exactly style of gameplay beyond the term hack'n slash is still being decided as Will is incharge of gameplay elements as it's his skills that will be maing the game part where as mine is to create the art but this could be a good solution rather than a more complex system found in these big title games.

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