Saturday, 24 December 2011

Final Major Project: Game Influence (Pt. 8)

I wanted to take a look at "The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker" before coming to an end in my "Game Influence" section. The legend of Zelda series has been known for it's varied art style but it wasn't until The Windwaker did the artstyle shift dramatically.

In Windwaker, everything is much more stylised and looks more like an abstract cartoon than a video game. Using cel shading and other shaders on the models creates this very bright and colourful game. The over exaggerated art style lends to this drastic texture change well and helps pull it all together. This style may be interesting to try replicate as the celshading and self illuminating shader does create a very unque look that makes the game look friendly towards all audiences which could boost the likelyhood of people wanting to play our game.

Ofcourse this style change was backed by the zelda franchise but since this games release (back in 2003) the game industry has developed into a large variety of art styles, ofcourse the more realistic stlyed ones such as Modern warefare series sells well and pushes the limits of getting away from the uncanny valley and into photo realisim.

The world of Windwaker is heavily stylised and the cartoon textures lend themselves very well to it and the cel-shader just makes things pop, especially as the game is now 8 years old and looks like it could have been made yesterday, this kind of style could be very beneficial to our project and it'll be interesting down the development line to start experimenting with different types of textures.

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