Saturday, 24 December 2011

Final Major Project: Game Influence (Pt. 7)

When looking at game textures it's interesting to see the differences between games in the same series. One such series is the mario kart series, spanning 7 games (plus 2 arcade ones bring the total to 9), I'll be looking at the two most recent games in the series and their textures; Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 (Released for 3DS0. Developed and Published By Nintendo EAD and Retro Studios (Mario Kart 7) are games in the same series for different consoles, firstly the Wii version was released 2008 and the 3DS version being released in 2011.

Firstly when looking at the two games, several factors must be taken into account, the hardware and age but these are all surface factors when looking at the way a game has been textured.

Firstly when looking at the Mario Kart Wii textures there's that cartoon texture that's a familiar staple in the franchise series but everything has this gloss over coating, which I personally think makes things look a bit off but when you're playing the game everything is whizzing past so quickly you don't really notice as much, but still compared to newer games this gloss texture is quite an odd choice.

When looking at Mario Kart 7 there's a hint of the gloss texture but it's used sparingly, but ofcourse this is could have been a limitation in the hardware's ability to render. The textures used in Mario Kart 7 have a much soften look to them and much more akin to Mario 3D land but theres still this shine to the textures similar to how models look in maya, this could be because of a lack of self-illuminating shader or some other type. Either way it's curious to see the texture techniques used in games within the same series just a few years apart and it's going to be interesting to see what kind of textures will be used in our final game, this does also lead me to wanting to research more into the techniques of using textures and shaders together.

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