Sunday, 18 December 2011

Final Major Project: Developing a Story

Before Will and I started any research we sat down to discuss our roles and what the story should be. We separated the work load so that we can work towards our skills, with Will doing scripting, animating, game design and controls, I'll be completing the Concept Art, UV Textures, Music and Game Graphics. Together we'll be working on the Story, Modelling, Rigging and Design Interface.

When comes to designs and generally my side of the work load I will be sending Will my work for approval to see what he likes and doesn't like and adjust my designs accordingly.

Once we had outlined the roles we would take in the project we sat down and began to discuss the story for our game. We knew right from the beginning we wanted a fun/stylised hack and slash game where you played as a knight defeating various creatures but to what end? why was he doing this? Will and I sat down and started brain storming, we decided we didn't want anything to complex to mess with the integrity of the game play so we kept the base plot simple by having the knight rescue or retrieve something of value. After playing around with some ideas we got our first draft completed for the story.
In the medieval Kingdom of Faranway on a quite night, the Kingdom's beautiful Princess was taking a night stroll on the balcony of the castle. With a Crack of thunder an evil, hideous wizard suddenly appeared before her and kidnapped her so that he may finally have a bride. Just as the Wizard is escaping upon his dragon with he princess, the Kingdom's bravest knight; Sir Gutsy, sees and gives chase.

Sir Gutsy must fight his way through three dangerous areas to reach the Wizard's lair and rescue the Princess!
From there the Player will have to control Sir Gutsy as he fights his was through several areas to reach the Wizard's lair, defeats his dragon and rescues the Princess. We decided to call the game "Gutsy's Quest". As it flows nicely and fits well with the ideal of fairytales but familiartiy to fit the audience.

We discussed how we would portray the story in the game and we decided that instead of rendering cut scenes with 3d models we would use illustration slides to create a storybook style. We felt this would make things easier but make the idea of a fairytale setting more grounded with this type of presentation, we're still discussing whether we'll add voice overs to give a more dynamic feel to these potentially static scenes.

For this game we cited our main influences as classic, pre-2000s games that focus more on gameplay but specifically our main visual influences are "Super Ghosts'n Ghouls", "Legend of Zelda" (specifically Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword) and "Super Mario 3D Land". we chose these games for the stylised and simplistic artstyle and that it can appeal to everyone. For Gameplay we cite influence "Legend of Zelda", "Mini Gore" and hack 'n' slash games like the "Devil May Cry" series and the "God of War" series, we're not sure quite how technical we want to get with gameplay, either one button for attack with 3 different animations of some kind of combo system. We're still ironing out our ideas for gameplay.

After our first official meeting about the game I feel we've made fantastic headway, we've establish a story that can be developed further, characters, our audience and a name. There's still some details we want to iron out but I think we're ready to head into the time management and research stage.

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