Sunday, 18 December 2011

Final Major Project: Briefing

For my final major project I will be creating a short video game with a fellow classmate, Will Farrell. The video game will be aim towards all ages but focusing on a 7+ age rating, the basic story is a classic tale of a knight rescuing a princess from the clutches of an evil wizard.

The player (taking on the role of the knight) will hack and slash their way through 3 levels of enemies to reach the princess. The game will have a cartoon/stylised art aesthetic inspired by medieval/fantasy settings. Ideally at the end of the project Will and I want to release the game on a real platform, ideally we want to release it on IOS for the chance to work with the IOS dev. kit but we are also keen to release it on other platforms such as steam or Xbox live Market Place.

For the project Will and I will be separating out the workload to works to our strengths, I will be taking care of the art side whilst Will takes care of the technical aspects.

I'll be researching other games and stylised animations to get an understanding of the art stlye I want to create aswell as researching the textures and the techinques the artists used to get the final look in the game. Will and I will be using a variety of programs to help use achieve our final goal such as maya, unity and photoshop.

Overall I'm confident about our project considering the level of our skills and ability to work together, but a key part of this will be the organisation time. With the right planning Our project will go incredibly well.

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