Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Final Major Project: Art Sample

In terms of artstyle for the work I'll be creating for this project the drawign the the right is a pretty good representation of the style I'll be completing the work in.

As you can see from this the focus is more on trying to portray the character's traits (Like Ramos and Maduriera's art) through visual communication. The artstyle is highly stylised in terms of videogame concept art and is a development of the style I established for myself in my last project.

This character to the right was meant to be a type of mountain man, perhaps an ex-warrior who wanted to settle down so obviously he should have muscles and large hulking arms. I added a beard and greying hair to imply that he's aged and the rest of the design is based of a viking-esque inspiration.

For the piece I used large bold lines and heavy blacks (as advised by an industry professional). There are still somethings to be touched upon such as shadows and highlights that need adding to this work in progress. There should be more little colour highlights and the likes but overall I feel this is a good representation of how my work will appear (for character design).

I feel that when it comes to developing my characters I should take a page out of the Clone War's designs books (and general animators) and draw a range of dynamic poses for my characters including an emotion range for the character's face, but I felt that this is a natural progression as in my previous project I began to draw more dynamic poses for my character designs. Either way I feel that this art style will be good for the game and the target audience as it's cartoony but could also be seen in a game, especially with more all ages games appearing on ios devices that have bright colourful graphics.

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