Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Final Major Project: Art Influence (Pt. 4)

Citing one of my main influences in terms of art style as Star Wars the clone wars made me seek out the the book, The Art of The Clone Wars. Compyling the art from each episode of the first series and characters designs this book is a nice insight into how some of the animators for the show work. Such as seen here to the right a character design/comparison, whilst it's not complex what should be noted is that its fairly simple illustration, just pencil lines but includes a heavy amount of annotation. This type of thing should be used when designing my characters, although I have nothing more to base my characters off than a description of them so I should atleast try to annotate all the variations until I start getting to a more finished result.

Another Thing I liked about the clone wars book in their development stages werethe inclusion of skecthes to get a better feel for the character. These skecthes too the left of Obi Wan where made for two reasons, 1 to give animators a feel for the characters, how he would look in dynamic poses and the type of poses he would be in but to also helpo the lead artist get to know his subject more. I've so far never really done extensive drawings of a charcter once the design is complete so I feel this is something I should do more espessially in this project as my character will be coming to life in a way my characters have never done before. The book also shows an emotion range drawn for one of the characters, this two is a great exercise to not only become more familiar with my character but it can also be used for animation purposes should we want to add facial animations.

Finally the book contains loads of environment concept art. Showing that the use of certain colours can really change the way a place can be portrayed and what vibes it gives off, the piece done to the right was clearly made using a painter program but the results are just as good as anything else as it really does translate what a villian's hide out should look and feel like, right down to the tiny details. This is clearly an important part with a show like clone wars as their are many environments in which the characters must travel to. This kind of element will be very important to our game as I'll be incharge of trying communicate the atmosphere and design of the levels.

The clone wars team do a fantastic job at creating the characters and worlds for the show and it's almost a little intimidating that I'm the sole creator in charge of giving these worlds life. The art of the clone wars is a great book in the sense as it gives a good look at how the creators made the show and the elements inside (although there's not that much annotation) and is a good reminder of what I should include in my work such as annotations on sketches and dynamic skecthes to get a feel of a character, also about getting the feel of an environment right too.

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