Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Final Major Project: Art Influence (Pt. 3)

One artist I recently came across through my weekly comic shop is Joe Maduriera, currently Working on the series; Avenging Spider-Man. When looking at Maduriera's work it's similar to Ramos' in that it has exaggerated proportions but everything is a bit more testosterone charged. Maduriera's work has a little more credit behind it in regards to this project as he work as concept artist on the game "Darksiders" as it shows that his large exaggerated characters can leap from page to screen.

Again, much like Ramos' work Maduriera's does capture a character's traits in visual form, spidey is portray as leand and skinny whilst characters like the Hulk are larger than life and buldging with muscles that may or may not exist. Then there's his original designs, when i first saw them I thought he had worked as a character design for "The World of Warcraft", in that the way he draws armour and accessories really gives of an influence to that. There's a definite anime influence in his work but when comparing his earlier stuff to his later it's clear to see his broken away from that and has developed his own style.

Maduriera's style is very dynamic and captures characters in the right way but I feel it's not quite my cup of tea but it does re-enforce what I learned from my analysis of Ramos' in trying to visually introduce/explain my characters so that there would be no confusion.

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