Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Final Major Project: Art influence (Pt. 2)

Touching on my influences for the last project, I'll be taking a further look into the style and art of Mexican Comic Book artist, Humberto Ramos. Ramos' art often has large exaggerated poses and body parts for high impact in seens, his character designs are often help show the qualities of not only the characters traits (ie powers in super hero comics) but also their personalities.

In his work there is not doubting how a character feels as Ramos works in a sense that's more akin to animation then that of the static comic book art, over exaggerating the facial experssions is an excellent way to not only convey the scene and emotion behind it but also intensify it making it come out of the pages. As with some comics theres a heavy influence of the use of blacks for shadow, but without these bulking in Ramos' illustrations I feel they would feel empty some how.

Of course then there's Ramos' own designs for characters. Most recently Ramos has been working on the Amazing Spider-Man series and has created new looks for the Hob-Goblin and Dr. Octopus. These designs when you look at them scream Ramos all over, The Hob-Goblin stays in tune with the idea of a goblin being associated with halloween and has ramped that up to 11 with a mix of medieval armour coming in with a slight bit of goth-chic (most notably on the gloves and boots). Then there's his new doc ock design which has super-charged the technological element in the character, making his suit deisng look like some kind of mech out of a japanese anime but whilst holding in a weird western presense. These designs are really unique and stand out in my opinion, along with his ability to really bring out a character's personality and traits. Ramos has to be one of my most influencial artists to date.

When working on my designs I'll be thinking about how I should be trying to show the audience the character's personality and not just telling them through some kind of description in a manual or some convoluted cutscene. When they see their character on screen they should know exactly what kind of character they are.

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