Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Final Major Project: Art Influence (Pt. 1)

In terms of style, a huge visual influence recently has been the "Star Wars Clone Wars" series that chronicles the adventures of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi during in the period between Star Wars Episodes II and III. I first came in contact with the series in it's 2D form back in 2003 when animation super star Genndy Tartakovsky (of Samurai Jack fame) was commissioned to create an animated series to bridge the gap between the two movies. several years later the show was revived as a 3D animated series by Dave Filoni.

Firstly what I like about the designs of the characters and the show overall is quite minimal in places but creates quite striking imagedry with it's angular designs and stylish approach. Although the core base of these designs were established in Tartakovsky's clone wars, they're given a step closer to a video game type feel in Filoni's version.

I previously looked at the clone wars in my last projet as a source of artistical inspiration and have since worked on my style more to try create something more unique on my part. Looking at the way the characters are built you can see a wonderfully stylistic blend of smooth lines and shape angles to create this final product which mimics what a 2D animation would look like, the body parts arn't over exaggerated but are still not quite accurate to human anatomy and it's really in the alien species that the most fun in terms of design lay. Much like the Zelda games with their advances in technology, the Clone Wars shows that a concept artists unique style can be imitated for three dimensions.

When looking at the original 2D series, it's art design follows the same kind of rules in that most features have exaggerated features but the main cast are not as over styised lest alienating the character's familiarty from fans. There are subtle differences such as the way the character's bodies are presented, in the 3D series characters have bodies that are much more fragile/agile looking in comparison to the 2D version but both still have this sleek polish to the design which I really like.

This gives me hope for our game as we want to create a fun, easy and yet stylistic game that people can play and enjoy.

Of course looking at the final models used in the Clone Wars the textures are not what we would want to use as their more in tune with reality, most likely to link it to the star wars universe and create a sense of familiarity. Ideally in my mind our game would look like a blend between Star Wars clone wars models and Mario 3D land/ Zelda Windwaker or Skyward Sword textures.

Also after some research I found out that The 3D version was created using maya which means that models and environments on the same level of qualitie as the ones found in the Clone Wars wouldn't be to hard to reach given the time and effort. Overall with each new look into something I learn a little more and become more confident in the project's success.

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