Monday, 5 December 2011

Creative Development Prelude

During the coming months I will be working on my final project and my dissertation. During this period I will be trying to define myself and build connections for future employment.

First I should Identify what it is I'm looking to be and how I would label myself for an employer. Ideally I would label myself as an illustrator/concept artist but I also have texture painting and modelling skills so more roughly I'd describe myself as just an "artist" if I were to apply this other skills. At the completion of my course I would like to enter the games industry as an artist of some sort completing either concept art, texture maps or even modelling.

Knowing where I want to go in the future is a good start from now I have to figure out how to get there. Firstly there's keeping up to date with all the events and news going on in the games industry via all the usual methods such as websites and magazines, more specifically industry targetted magazines such as "Develop Managzine", "Imagine" and "Edge". I will also be keeping an eye out for events where I have the chance to network with people within the games industry or even enter competetions.

During this project I will also be working on self promotion such utilising networking sites and building a successful portfolio based on my research, again this is all for the benefit of making myself more employable once I leave university.

On top of this research that is to be done I will also be trying to develop a character a week to help build my portfolio at a faster rate than just work from previous projects and my final major project. It will be interesting to try build these connections and start joining in on networks, over the next few posts I will post my research of events and experiences of the people I've mett as well as anything else I'll learn along the way.

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