Saturday, 12 November 2011

UV Mapping (Part2)

Here I am carrying on with my UV map creation.

1. With most of the body done what was left to do was just the head. I tried unwrapping it in a similar method to the arms and legs but this wasn't working out as well. There were several issues with it so, I opted to use the cutting method that's used for hands and feet luckily this worked wonderfully. All I had to do once I had the seperate parts was pull the vertexies apart so that they can be painted fully.

2. With the head done, I then completed the hair in the same method but cutting and moving the vertexies. I then moved all the components into place so that painting would be easier. There were several points where I had to use different camera angles for different parts of the geometry but overall this process was quick and painless with good results.

3. I then did the same for Xangdra, creating a UV map for her. Mapping her set was slightly different due to the geometry but used the basic methods I had picked up. Key points are the sleeves and the shoes which have amost been taken apart completely to allow for the best job on the painting side of things. The hair and face process when much better as I had obviously completed the previous model and found what works best.

4. UV maps complete! I then export then as tiff files at 300dpi to begin work on painting them.

With the UV mapping stage complete I'm nearing the end of this project very quickly, I'm behing slightly on my new plan to get it done but nothing that staying up a few extra hours won't fix!

Next is onto the texture painting, much like the Clone Wars cartoon I'll be using real textures on top of painted colours to give them a very stylised look hopefully this should go well and as planned as I don't have much time to fix problems that may arise but, I've managed to do everything competantly so far, I think things will run smoothly from here until 4pm Monday afternoon.

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