Sunday, 13 November 2011

Texture Painting (Part 2)

Moving on from blocking out the colours...

1. Here I've collected various texture files from the internet that I feel will work well with my characters. I start applying them using a mixture of the multiply tool and transparency to achieve the best effect for my model. Once everything is in place my UV texture map is complete! I save as jpeg and prepare to apply it to my model!

2-3. After applying it to my model I see that there are some slight issues like with the hair not quite matching up. After I've fixed the hair I do one last quality check, there are some minor things that I can't quite figure out but as it is I feel the model is a success.

4-5. I do the same process with the Xangdra map, blocking out colours then adding details and finally textures. Obviously this one goes much quicker due to experience.

6. I apply the texure and everything is working fantastically but there's a hand missing for some reason. So I'll be speaking to my tutor tomorrow as I have no idea of what to do about this situation.

Overall I'm happy with the textures, I feel that if I can a little more time I could have made them better and Xangdra really does look the better of the two due to my learning experience of making the UV maps. Overall this project has felt like a re-introduction to what I learned last year and I can say that my work has improved from then. The textures are better, the models have less polygons but just as much shape and to say the bulk of the hard work was done over the course of a week due to my bad time management I feel this is some what of a good turnout.

I think for my next project I should take a much closer look at 3d models and the textures used there so that I may improve my skills in this area as whilst I have got better by looking at professional's work and learning/seeing their methods I'm sure I can boost the rate at which I can improve. I'm almost a little bit giddy to start my next project so that I may improve my skills even futher!

Tomorrow I'll ask what can be done with my hand on my Xangdra model, create the show reels and finish this project! :)

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