Sunday, 13 November 2011

Texture Painting (Part 1)

With the UV maps made it's time to start painting my textures for my characters. I'll be using photoshop for this step with a wacom tablet and obviously custom brushes. I will also be applying textures that I found from Free websites as I didn't have enough time to source my own textures, but for my next project this is something I'm definitely going to do. Any who, one to texture painting!

1. I import the tiff file into photoshop. I prep it by inverting the colours so that it's a black mesh on a white background rather than it's original state. From there I begin painting on new layers.

2. I being like with the concept art just blocking out the main parts of the mesh with the the select and paint bucket tools, making light work of the job. To make sure the colours match the concept art, whilst I had the texture map open I also had the concept art file open to pull the colours from.

3-4. I make sure that where I'm ainting is going well by importing the texture so far back into maya. As you can see I got mixed up along the way and the back of the hand has ended up on the palm.

5. Back in photoshop I open up the file and re-adjust the hands. From there I start adding details such as the darker trim around the edges witht he pen tool. Again this doesn't really take too long, it's really more about getting the lines right.

6. Here I've finished all the details such as the face. I made sure that everywhere with an edge has a dark trim near it as this makes the model's textures pop out a little more.

With the texture's painted it's time to add the texture files to them to give them that realistic look!

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