Monday, 7 November 2011

Style Reference

When it comes to future projects I've decided that when it comes to developing characters I will be drawing them in the same fashion as the project for the benefits that I can draw the characters in dynamic poses more easily and that due to the cartoony style the faces can be much easy to portray emotion with large expressions.

With that in mind I thought it would be wise to look at styles that are similar to mine. One such artist whom I've always admired is Mexican comic artist, Humberto Ramos. His style has always been very expressionate and stylised, in his earlier work it's clear that he's influenced by manga/anime styled art but ultimately has developed his own unique style from that, evolving over the years.

When you look at his most recent work on titles such as The Amazing Spider-Man and his various cover for Marvel, there's definite sense of fun, action and style. Whilst there are exaggerated features in the illustrations it really works to the benefit of the style adding weight to villians or a sense of agility in a hero. His style really does help give personality not just to character's faces but their whole body.

When it comes to future projects I plan to help along any design issues I may have by looking at Ramos' work.

I also feel the art style found in the cartoon series Star Wars: The Clone Wars is another great point of reference, especially for when it comes to creating 3d models. With it's stylised with angular features and real-world textures this may be just the style I'm looking for when it comes to developing my own characters for three-dimensions.

Before I start developing my own 3d models I plan to take a further look into the exact details of the clone wars models to help when it comes to modelling my own.

I feel that using Ramos' art and the art found in Clone wars cartoons as references for future projects and sources of influence can prove to be massively beneficial since my decision to stick to one style as these a pros doing what I hope to one day achieve as a concept artist. With this in mind I'm already a little excited for the next project to see how I can better my work.

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