Monday, 7 November 2011

Self Evaluation

I thought at this point it may be a good time to stop and think about how far I've come on this project. Firstly there's the time management, whilst I have fallen behind my initial projection, there is still enough time for me to pick up the slack, sure I'll have to work hard but ultimately it'll be worth it. I feel that this ability to put in the extra hours when they are truly needed is a good skill to have when it comes to employment as I'm able to recognise when I've fallen behind but immediately know the solution, this said it's not come without a sacrifice, I gave up my ticket to BAF game to make sure I completed this project on time and it's this sorting of priorities that makes me feel I've matured more as a professional worker.

Then theres looking at my overall work progress, through this project I feel I've finally found an art style that works for me and theres a vast improve compared to previous concept work I've done over the last two years, theres now a sense of action in my pieces and the qualitity has vastly improved, this has made me feel more confident about my work as my style is something I've not really seen in the video game industry but in other media areas such as tv and comics so perhaps there's a market for this cartoony style? Regardless I feel my work ethic has improved aswell over the last two years and the level of quality of my work has improved.

Regarding this project I feel that the design are strong but don't entirely adhear to the back stories I had set out for them but I feel that the art created gives the sense of character when you look at. With the bold colours and experssionate faces and bodies I feel that I'm developing more as a concept artist and that my ideas are beginning to range much more, especially with the design of Barong, I hope to create more designs of at least this level and hopefully surpass it.

Overall I feel my work on this project has been of a high level, whilst I've fallen behind slightly I'm already well on my way to fix this. This project I feel has given me a create deal of experience and I feel that with the amount of R&D that I've completed uptil this point have been of a level that would show my commitment to an industry level project.

From here I'm ready to enter the modelling part of this project and I'm very much looking forward to it.

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