Saturday, 12 November 2011

Presenting Work (with brief evaluation so far)

Before moving on to texturing my UV maps I took a quick hour out to put all my concept work in a more presentable state for the exhibt coming up. I plan to present three-four of these sheets along with the turnaround movie files I'll be completing on monday.

I think the design for the frame works well. It's simple and gets the point across, I may have to add some more annotation just to translate my thought processes to the viewer but beyond that each little step is bringing this project closer to and end.

So far in my project I've managed to design and model to characters successfully. Along the way I've realised an art style that really works for me that I plan to develop so that it can be my niche in my portfolio, as mentioned previously part of the reason for going with this artstyle is that many games these days are realisticly styled and there arn't that many graphically stylised games out there in the spot light. I'm hoping that if I develop this style more I can land a job and a help create a fun game that's all ages but becomes a triple A title. I also feel that my skills in drawing and painting in photoshop have increased, there's a definite sense of emotion in these new stylised illustrations and the quality of the colours is a vast improvement on my previous works. I can't wait to start doing some more concept art in this style.

My previous experience with modelling has also been a huge help with this project as I knew the potential problems that could arise and how to deal with them. Without this experience I don't think I would have been able to complete the modelling stage as quickly as I did, on that note as well this is only the second time I've modelled something seriously and I feel that my skills have improved from last time as I can make the geometry look more like the image plain with less faces. I feel I've also learned when to be a perfectionist and when not to be (when not to be is when you have a week to your deadline, heh). Overall the progress I've made on this project has been substantial and I feel that I can do even better on my next one!

With this little side step done, it's time to get onto texturing, till next post!

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