Monday, 7 November 2011

Pre-Liminary Designs: Barong (part 2)

Here I've started to develop Barong from those head sketches I completed the other day. As you can see Barong's design is more warrior orientated and I feel that this gives a good contrast to Xangdra's Design but the trick is to develop this further so that it doesn't look like a far cry from the counterpart design.

You'll also see that I've decided on the face of my hero. I tried to make the connection between the two characters in the way of hair with them both having 'curtain' cuts with three strands that fall in front of their face. Whilst this is a good idea I feel it doesn't quite knock home the idea that the two characters are related. I also feel I may have to develop Barong's face more as he looks to similar to the main character from the Xbox RPG Odyssey.

I feel I'm making a good start with this character and it's just a matter of thinking about design choices logically which will prove to be the game changer when it comes to modelling as I can't be too complex in my design as it will cost me time in the modelling Department, time I may not have later.

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