Monday, 7 November 2011

Pre-Liminary Design: Barong (Part 3)

I decided that after my last sketch to develop the character further by using a base template then drawing the design of the clothes/armour over the top. My first result was this piece to the right which is heavily inspired by the armour designs from Final Fantasy XII and Monster Hunter.

The idea of having the armour be form fitting was the try make it appear more like it would belong in a world where lab coats and medieval armour co-exist, blending sci-fi and fantasy together. I also added in a ring on a chain, which will also be added to the Xangdra design to show more common ground between the two.

Ideally I still had it in my mind that the characters were ultimately going to look similar to works like Dante's Inferno or Devil May Cry with semi-real graphics and highly technical designs.

Whilst working on this design my tutor came in to check up on how I was doing and noted that my work was looking a little stiff, upon stepping back it was clear this was the case (and even upon looking back at previous projects) most of my concept art is quite stiff. I plan to remedy this for my next design iteration!

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