Monday, 7 November 2011

New Time Management

With a week left of my project to complete the practical side of things I thought it'd be best to write up a rough game plan to help me keep track in this coming (frantic) week of hard work and deligence. As already stated I opted out of going to Baf game to prioritise on completing this project. (to be fair I wouldn't be able to concentrate as I'd be panicing about this through every talk and seminar) any way my plan for the following week will pretty much look like this:

  • Monday 7th – Finish blog posts up to date, install necessary programs

  • Tuesday Through to Thursday – Complete Maya Models

  • Friday Through to Sunday – Complete Texture Skins

  • Monday 14th – Create Show Reels for submission.
Through this time I will also be documenting my progress with blog posts. With this I feel I can confidently complete my work on time by generally working 9am-6pm on models and texturing. I will also be uploading maya and photoshop onto my laptop so should I need to be anywhere not near a desk top I can complete my work as well.

Overall I'm confident that I can complete this project on time.

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