Friday, 11 November 2011

Modelling (Part 7)

Carrying on the modelling of Xangdra I begin working on the face.

1. Unfortunately the side profile didn't quite match up with the geometry I was trying to create. My solution to this is to model free hand and look at the image for reference. Using the extrusion tool I build the face.

2. Luckily this method seemed to work well and I had a face I thought looked better than the one for Barong. I extrude the face back to form the head and attach it to the neck.

3. I start building the hair through the same method of the face by extruding polyplanes and shaping it to the desire length and design.

4. I form the back of the head through extrusion as well.

5. I finish up by forming the ponytail out of simply polygon tools and placing them near eachother, using the same method as the armour. I add the necklace made of the ring and cylinders.

6. finally I soften all the normals and the model is complete.

Overall the completion of this model was a little smoother. There where a few problems such when the normals where all duplicated and I had to delete the duplicates by hand, but besides that this process of making a model was much quicker and in fact completed in one night. The model could do with some work as there are little details that could be better but I'll just have to save that for my next project.

All thats left to do is create the UV maps, the textures and the show reels. Ideally if theres time I'll be rigging them as well but I decided that if there isn't enough time it's probably the best thing to drop out of the process.

Next on to UV mapping!

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