Friday, 11 November 2011

Modelling (Part 6)

Unfortunately my plane of using a base model didn't turn out as planned as the base template had too many faults and considering the time it took to do the last body surely this one would be just as quick or even a little but quicker!

1. so I start by uploading the image planes and building the base model from the waist and extruding the torso from it shaping it from both the front and side views.

2. Next I extrude the legs from the waist and delete the left side of the body just so it can be made symmetrical later on.

3. I then work on the foot through extrusion shaping it corrctly to the design. The heel made things a bit different as I had to extrude that outwards aswell.

4. I work on the arms next, using the same method as Barong, this time though i form the creases and the cuffs of the coat. I finish up shaping the arms.

5. I make the hands, again I use exactly the same method of extrusion.

6. I then mirror/duplicate the geometry, sewing them together through merged vertexies and then create the tail fo the coat by creating single polygon planes, extruding them and shaping them around the form of the character.

Overall I think this second model is going alot smoother as I've refamiliarised byself with Maya but also because I'm learning techniques and quick short cuts from the previous model. Next to finish the model!

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