Friday, 11 November 2011

Modelling (Part 5)

Carrying on modelling Barong I begin to work more on the face.

1. I finish the head by extruding the side of the head backwards forming a very cubic shaped head. I then begin joining the head to the body by merging vertexies.

2. Once the head is joined onto the body I then mirror/duplicate the whole thing to make the body whole again. With the head and the body complete it's time to work on the hair.

3. I start making the hair by creating the a polycube and extruding and shaping it around the head in accordance to the image plane.

4.-5. I continue shaping the hair and cut in half to then mirror dupicate it. I join up the seem and place it on the head. Much like the armour it'll be just be easier to paint the piece as it's not attached main geometry should make it easier when it comes to uv mapping.

6. With all the main parts made all that's left to do is complete making the necklace which is comprised of a ring and several spheres.

With the necklace complete the Barong model is complete! Overall I think the quality of the model when faced with the time is quite admirable as I'm happy with how it looks and the time I spent on it. I can't wait to work on a new project to do a better job on my next stylised project but for now it's time to press onto modelling Xangdra!

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