Friday, 11 November 2011

Modelling (Part 4)

With the base template complete it's time to start work on Barong and the details in his model.

1. I start work on the legs first. I put edge loops in where they'll be needed and start molding the geometry into place, making the creases in the pants and the shape on the boots.

2. Here I start work on the foot by extruding the ankle down then extruding from there forward. once the most basic shape of the foot is made I shape the foot more closely to a more appealing shape.

3. I next move on the the lip in the arm, This was done by simply adding in and edge loop and taking time to pull the vertexies out.

4. Here I'm working on the armour for the arms. This was done by creating several polygon cylinders and shaping them to match the image place. Once the shapes are made I don't adde them to the existing geometry as considering time, it would be easier to rig the armour with the rest as it's easier to unwrap the geometry in it's simpliest form.

5. Next I'm make the armour for the legs, first creating a cube and changing it's shape to fit the means necessary. I then duplicate the geometry and scale it down to place below it the first piece.

6. With the rest of the design modelled it's time to start work on the face. Using the extrusion method I begin molding the the face by creating a polygon face around the eye and extruding the shape of the face from there.

next on to finishing the head and hair!

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