Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Modelling (Part 3)

Here I'm carrying on with my step by step process of how I modelled the base template body.

1. I finished Modelling the hand, shaping them to an ideal level of quality, but not spending too long on them. Making sure each finger was the right length is key. Edge loops are added and things are adjusted to make the hand look as good as possible. I then delete the half of the body I've not been working on for the next step.

2.-3. I duplicate and mirror all the geometry so that the geometry matches up and I've got a body. I double check to make sure everything is in place and set about joining the vertexes along the seem.

4. I then delete the faces on the top of the neck and begin building a base head.

5. Here I've complete the base head by creating a cube with several divisions and molded it into the basic shape of the head on the plane map.

with this base template made I save the mdel under two files, one to use for Barong and one for Xangdra. First I'll be working on Barong as it's easier to work from the template. So without further ado let's get to work on Barong!

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