Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Modelling (Part 2)

Carrying on my work on the base model, the same principles apply, this will be a basic model from which I will adjust my two characters from (and maybe any future characters that get developed in future projects) with image planes in place I modelled the waist chest and legs. With those done it's time to move onto the arms and hands!

1. Here I prep the area on the side of the body for the arms to be extruded from. Ideally it's best to have as sound shape as possible.

2. Next I extrude the arms from the shoulder. I extrude in several places to have edge loops where I'll be adjusting the geometry to form the arms.

3.-4. In these two panels I'm adjusting the shape of the arms in accordance to a basic form from the image plane making sure that the arm is fairly non-gender specific.

5. Here I've continued with the extrusion method and began to create the hands. as you can see i use the same method as the arms. Extruding where geometry needs it for the rigging. I've also extruded the thumb from the hand.

6. In this image I've extruded the fingers from the hand in the same way and have began adjusting it to match the image plane.

Overall I'm pleased witht he process and the speed and which I'm doing it. I also feel that body is being modelled fairly well...

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