Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Modelling (Part 1)

Now with all the design work out of the way it's time to start modelling, it's been a while since I've used maya but luckily I've got a handy text book and memory. I've also updated to Maya 2012. So i'll refer to each step with the number in the picture (seen to the left).

As I'm having to create two models my plan is to create a base model that could be change to form either of the two characters and save it as a new file and create the two characters from the same base model. (sorry if that sounds jumbled).

1. Here I just imported image plains and adjusted them accordingly so that they would match up with the proper view allowing me to model carefully and correctly, keeping the model in shape with my design.

2. Here I started to work on the penvis area, first I made a polygon cube and added several divisions into it to allow be shaped by adjusting the vertexes. After which I began to mold the cube into the correct shape according to my design on the image plane. With the base hips done it was time to move to the torso. I also activated the reflection option on the move tool so that any work done on one side would be mirrored on the other creating perfect symmetry!

3. The torso was completed by simply extruding from the top of the waist several times to give mupltiple edge loops to help with manipulating the geometry into the right shape.

4. This is where I began shaping the chest, as you can see it's coming along nicely. Making sure that I have space for the arms to be extruded from. Here it must be noted the body is shaped using Barong's body but done in a minimalist way to allow for easier adjustment when it comes to Xangdra.

5. At this stage I've extruded the legs from the waist. I've extruded several times at key points such as above and below the knee and at the ankle.

6. I've molded the legs to the image plain design but in a more basic sense, since the two characters will use the same base body I thought it'd be best to try best to try keep it as neutral as possible. I decided not to mold a base foot as the characters have feet that are far two different to eacher other.

So far this step has gone quickly, it seems like my skills with maya have improved or atleast stayed at the same level. The quickness could also be attributed to the fact that the design is considerably less complex than my last attempt, over all though things are going perfectly to plan so far!

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