Monday, 7 November 2011

Looking At: Star Wars The Clone Wars

For the modelling stage I thought it'd be wise to take a brief look at one of the most successful CG shows out there at the moment. Analysing how it's characters are modelled and textured.

Firstly when looking at these promotional images for Anakin and Obi-Wan the first thing you notice is that everything is made up of fairly basic shapes most notably the hair is made up of one geometrical shape. As with most models where the real beauty lies in within the textures. What the clone wars does is blend cartoon/stylised graphics with fairly realistic textures to create this really interesting blend of a stylised cartoon that still fits into the visual aesthetic of the Star Wars Universe.

Ofcourse half the work was completed design wise as the production team clearly took work from the previous Clone Wars cartoon which was a 2D flash based beauty and just added another dimension, but I feel by folowing this cartoony build, but real world texture approach I can create a fairly good looking pair of characters.

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