Monday, 7 November 2011

Final Concept: Xangdra

On the left here is the final concept piece for Rangda.

Compared to the previous design not much has changed except small details such as a lack of tie and red trim of the coat. You can also see that the ring present on Barong is also here to further cement the connection between the two.

I feel that the design for Xangdra whilst is a strong solid design here falls short of the mark for the back story I develop. Whilst there are nods to her archetype such as the use of red for a villian, there really isn't much else and the design overall doesn't really make her stand out much as an important character. It's also a shame as I feel that her new design has lost some of her sexual appeal which is something I wanted the character to have where as now she appears as a basic scientist which is a bit of a disservice to the idea I had in mind for her.

This little let down doesn't really effect much but if there was more time I would definetly return and adjust the design to make it appear more unique and important. Still as I noted in the Barong post, I'm still happy with the style that the character is drawn in as it really does make the aesthetic difference and sets it apart from others.

The lessons learnt here are to always re-evaluate designs before completing a design, unfortunately time is crucial at this moment but in a professional environment it would be best to re do the design. That said I still feel that this is a strong piece of concept art that I plan to use in my portfolio.

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