Monday, 7 November 2011

Final Concept: Barong

Using my previous sketch of Barong, I built upon it to create my final concept (seen to the right) Firstly there have been a few changes such as the armour on the right arm and the legs.

Firstly the decision to have the same armour on both arms as opposed to the previous design was to make things easier when it came to modelling, because of this I've cut my work load in half as I now only have to model and texture half of my design, then I can just copy and flip it and marry it up to the original.

The designs for the legs was a fairly simple choice of plain boots, mainly for ease of modelling but to also not complicate the design, as most of the detail is found on the armour and in the face. By having a relatively plain look for the foot wear creates a kind of balance to the design.

Overall I feel the design works as a hero character, by looking you can tell this is a character thats a fighter, the choice of colours also give a sense of a (medieval) solider to the design but the little touches such as the use of matte orange in some places and the tight black under shirt and form fitting armour (hopefully) seperate it from a traditional medieval look to create something that looks like it belongs in a game. I feels that the colours work well together too following my rule that I discovered during my research of there being two main colours (here, Black and grey) and a third minor colour (brown). The design doesn't have any features that are being overpowered by another and fit well together.

Whilst it looks aesthetically pleasing, does my design match the backstory I had written up? In some ways yes and in other ways no. Whilst the design with the other character does indeed create a connection between the two and create the image of a hero character that players will (hopefully) want to control and play as elements of the back story such as being a demon-human sympathiser and being a lion like demon have been slightly lost. I tried to convey Lion like qualities with the hair but I don't think it's that obvious. That said I think the design it self is fine and these little botches are things to look out for during future projects, overall this design is ready to be turned into a 3d model.

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