Monday, 7 November 2011

Developing Designs: Xangdra (Part 3)

After completing the final design for Barong I was prompted to go back and re draw Xangdra to update her into the new style I had developed.

Whilst re-drawing Xangdra I took the oppertunity to add more similarities to her Brother in the design. Firstly theres the hair, the shape of the ponytail on the side has become much more angular and her face has become more similar to Barong's.

Then looking at the design of her coat, whilst the design hasn't change the presentation has become much more angular and more like a cartoon. I feel that this quick re-sketch fits much better with what I'm wanting to create. I also went back and drew a few more head shots to better get a feel of the character and already theres a much bigger burst of emotion.

The results from this new style are really pleasing and only cements my decision to work in this style for future projects as I conveys so much emotion and really gives much more interesting look to my images which I feel will help me get a leg up against the competition.

With this redesign done it's time do final concept art pieces and move onto creating the turnarounds for use in the 3D modelling stage. Whilst doing these new skteches time has become increasingly more valuable so with that said and done I'll be cracking straight onto the final concepts.

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