Monday, 7 November 2011

Developing Designs: Xangdra (Part 2)

This is the final concept for Xangdra. As you can see there are three main colours, black, red and white. These were chosen as to not immediately suggest a villian but more hint towards it. Little details have been added like the tie, trim on the coat and smaller details on the skirt. These were added just to try make the base design look a litttle more interesting from being too plain.

Overall I feel this is a strong design, as in a game environment you would recognise her instantly but also modelling and texturing should not be to difficult as her design is also relatively simple with little amounts of 'fiddly' bits to work with.

This has been one of my key focuses when designing characters. Develop something that is good and strong but also relatively easy to model and work with once it's off the page. Looking back it does seem that it's not obvious that she's a villian and that the main concept has been side stepped slightly but overall I'm happy with this design and I feel I can push forward from here.

Next I'll be developing the look for Barong. Keeping in mind that the two characters are siblings I'll be trying to develop his look based off Xangdra's to create that connection but, since Barong will be the player character in this Third-Person action adventure I want his design to be more Hero/warrior focused. Well, better get on it then!

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