Monday, 7 November 2011

Developing Designs: Xangdra (Part 1)

With the base idea of how I want the character to look in my mind I set about trying to visualise that on to paper. The first results was this fair plain secretary look. As you can see the hair has developed more and the overall feel of the character is that she has a range from polite to cold, giving a nice suggestion of duality to the concept.

Overall this design consists of three main pieces, the labcoat, shirt and the skirt. The design is meant to look slightly sexually appealing whilst not being overly explicit, this is to suggest how she has manipulated the men in the corperation to reach the position she's got to.

The colour pallete for this design I'm thinking is a fairly plain and startard one but with the use of red in places to indicate that she's both attractive but also a villian

I did think about an alternative design which is more battle orientated. This rough design was based on designs found in The Art of Monster Hunter.

I was hoping that this would show here demon side, ergo the head shot with the horns but in the end I felt that this didn't fit in with the overall game and world I had in mind and that it was also beginning to verge to close on my previous design of my warrior character from my last project.

With a design decided upon it was time to draw up one last piece of concept art which found finalise the details of the design.

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