Monday, 7 November 2011

Developing Designs: Barong (Part 1)

After the feedback of my concept art looking stiff I decided to try add a more dynamic visual to my representation of characters. The result was this new verson of Barong, appearing much more kinetic and stream lined.

I found that this new version breathed new life into the design making it almost pop out of the page. This became a huge turning point for me as I immediately decided once this sketch was completed that my model will be designed to look similar to this new stylised Barong as I felt it would seperate my work from others both in the class and in the industry where most games are going for a realistic look.

This stylistic approach is also easier to draw but I feel also gives me a sort of trademark if I can build a portfolio with similarly looking designs. This style also helps convey a character's personality more.

Looking at the design there's not much of a difference between this and the previous version except that the design has been simplified more and little details have been deleted, but overall it's the core design. With this new style realised I will be going back and re-doing Xangdra's design to just kind of update it to match. I feel totally energised for the next step though!

Below are some head sketches for Barong.

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