Monday, 7 November 2011

Concept Art Process

The process for creating my final concept art pieces worked as simply as using a flat matte brush and painting over the pencils.

First I would scan in the pencil drawing, from there using the photoshop brushes I fill in and adjust the design, for example with Barong, I drew in the armour of the opposite arm and the legs. Next I block colour in the shape of the character, essentially creating a silhoette.

From there I begin to block in the main colours of the various design elements, boots, armour, hair. These are all blocked in on one matte colour. From there I start to add in the details, using Barong as an example again; the black lines between the plates of armour and the face etc.

Once all the details have been added I then take a shade slightly darker than the blocked out colours and add an outline for more clearer definition of the shapes. With the outlines done thats the concept art complete. For future projects I'm going to work to add shadows the further develop a sense of the dynamic and depth, but overall I feel this method works well for me and can help develop my portfolio substantially.

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