Monday, 7 November 2011

Character Turnarounds

After completing the Concept Art I went on to creating the turn arounds to use in the Maya.

These were fairly easy to complete and didn't really take that much time. What I will not though is that after my crit' session from tutors several things where brought to my attention. Firstly that my characters are only in the orthographic view on the side shots, where as on the front and back their in a perspective view. Ideally all turn arounds should be in an orthographic view for the ease of modelling, fortunately for me I can 'think on my feet' so to speak and develop the foot from the side view, this shouldn't cause too much of as the feet aren't complex by any means. Another issue that arose was the placement of the hands on the turnarounds, ideally the hands should have the palms facing the floor but, like the feet this is easily fixed by first modelling the hands and then adjusting them after wards.

Besides these small issues I feel that the turnarounds will be very useful for the modelling and the quality is of a high enough level (despite the hiccups) to place in my portfolio.

The process for making the turn arounds were fairly simple, especially because of nature of the characters being siblings. I first drew the front for Barong, then whiting out everything but the outline I drew the back. Witht he front and back complete I then make guide lines for where the various markers such as chin, top of shoulder and kness go and then drew the side view. This method proved to be a huge time saver as I knew exactly where everything was supposed to be going.

To save even more time I used the base of the turnarounds to complete Xangdra's, essentially tracing the base shape and adjusting it accordingly to the design. Overall I feel this works great at time saving but admitantly the turn around for Xangdra could be touched up a little more.

With these turnarounds done it's almost time to start modelling. When I begin I plan to use a similar approach to the one I used for these turnarounds, creating a base model to develop the two characters from then adjusting each one accordingly. Deatils such as the protruding armour will be modelled sperately and attach to model later through careful rigging. Overall considering the time I have left and what's eft to do, I feel I can complete this project confidently.

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