Friday, 7 October 2011

Time Management

When it comes to completing a project a key element is time management and figuring out how to use your time efficiently.

Previously my time management wasn't that great but with each passing project it got a little better. For this project I will be outlining my overall plan as such in the image to the right.

As you can also see from the sheet of paper I've also outlined keyareas to focus my research on. This too will come in handy as it will keep me on track and subject!

  • 15th October: All R&D complete along with the character profiles.

  • 17th October: complete preliminary sketches and present my R&D in a presentation.

  • 30th October: Complete all concept art and turnarounds. Begin 3d modelling.

  • 7th November: Production crit, have 3d models complete and begin texturing.

  • 14th November: Have all work complete ready for hand in. Hand in items include all concept art, turnarounds, maya files, 3d turnarounds movie and blog posts.

  • 21st November: Hand in evaluation.

This is the method I usually use as it works in the sense I have main objectives to meet and it usually works well. It's also quite forgiving in that it gives me time to catch up if I begin to fall behind. With this out of the way it's time to start that oh so precious Research and development!

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