Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pre-Liminary Designs: Xangdra (part 1)

Whilst on the train to work today I made my sketch book with me so I'd thought I'd try begin designing the Human form for Xangdra but un fortunately no real inspiration struck and I found that my skecthes were lackluster in quality and didn't really portray what I had in mind for the character.

I decided that I would go down the route of not a fully real but more stylised version of the designs as I usually work better with a more fluid, stylised look rather than try to create something too close to realism.

The sktech book I was using was also much smaller so when it comes down to a proper design/sketching session I will be using a larger format just to allow my mind space to think on the page. So Whilst no visual character development has been made a stylistic choice has.

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