Sunday, 16 October 2011

Moving onto the Next Step

With my interview with Wayne Reynolds complete I feel I've delved enough into research and it's time to start working towards starting my concept sketches but before that I'm taking some time to show that along with the tools I'll be using such as traditional and digital ones I'll also be keeping a small library of books near me for quick influence and reference.

The books I'll be using for reference in both the conceptual and modelling stages will be Burne Hogarth's Dynamic Anatomy for making sure I'll be able to keep everything within porportion and looking human. The other books are How to Draw Manga: Sketching manga vols 1 and 2 which will be used in the same way as Hogarths book but just to give different opinion on how things should be done to add diversity.

The books I'll be using for influences should I get stuck during my conceptualising stage are; Apple vols 1-3, Flameboyant, The Art of Monster Hunter, The Art of Persona 4 and The art of Star Wars Epsiodes I-III.

With these books at my side theres no chance I'll get stuck with my designs.

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