Saturday, 15 October 2011

Looking For Influences: Mythology of Asia

For my characters I'm still stuck on trying to come up with a back story. Whilst being influenced from the many film, games, books and comics I've watched/played/read. I thought it'd be good to look into some classic mythology especially since I want a fantasy-esque setting.

I picked up "Mythology of Asia and The Far East" by Rachel Storm. It's a good little book to help build storys out of or base characters on. Full of lists of heros, demons and gods with descriptions it's proving to be fairly influential at developing a story.

My plan is to try put together a background story using eastern mythology but in a western context. Use the characters that are featured in this book as a base to build my own out of.

One such idea I already have is using a demon by the name of Rangda as the main antagonist of the story I'm trying to weave. Rangda is described as a ferocious demon with a lolling, firey tongue, pendulous breasts and rolling eyes. A creature of sickness and darkness, she is a leader of a band of witches. She tried to destroy a kingdom, killing have the population with a plague before being defeated.

This could easily be modified into a character to fit a variety of different contexts. I shall keep looking through this book until I find two good bases to start developing my own characters from.

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