Monday, 10 October 2011

Looking at Video Games: Dead Space

For the third game I'm looking into I shall be analysing Dead Space.

Game: Dead Space (series)
Developer: Visceral Games
Genre: Third-Person Shooter/Survival Horror
Year: 2008-2011
Cultural Background: Western

In the Sci-Fi survival horror Dead Space, Players take control of engineer Isaac Clarke as he traverses game levels to further find out the origin of the deadly monsters attacking a previously bustling Spacecraft. Like a mixture of both Mass Effect and Devil May Cry, Dead Space has an over arching story but is played in levels where in players have to solve puzzles or over come foes to reach the next stage.

The main aspect of the game is that player's control a character who is not trained for combat or (at the beginning) doesn't have access to conventional weapons so they must dispatch of enemies using tools such as the primary tool "The Plasma Cutter" by cutting of the limbs of the enemies as they approach before they attack Isaac. The Enemies in the game as don't go down easy either so there's a sense of strategy to combat. Then there's also the stats side of the game, through out the levels players can pick up items which will upgrade their health and weapons and can eventually buy real weapons to dispatch enemies with.

What makes Dead Space stand out is the fact the Isaac is a silent protagonist which is becoming rarer in this age where most things are easily achieved in video games. On top of that there's the horror aspect, people love the sense of tension they can get from walking around a big empy area just waiting for something to jump out of the dark. Below is an example of the game play found in Dead Space.

When it comes to games these days, much like music it seems there's a lot of mixing of genres to make something new and it's really working, because of it we have such high quality games as Dead Space and Mass Effect but this is also backed up by character design such as in Devil May Cry where one of the key features is that you get to experience another adventure with Dante. In some cases that's what keeps people coming back to a series or franchise is the quality of a character and not just the game play.

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