Saturday, 15 October 2011

Looking at Concept Art: Spider-Man Re-Design

Whilst browsing the internet I came back across Project Rooftop, a blog site for re-designs of super hero's costumes. I remember a while back I saw they were hosting a competition to re-design spider-man and to the left here is the design that won.

Re-designed by Mike Dimayuya, this new spidey costume is reminiscent of Japanese super heros, especially with the long flowing scarf, You'll also notice that the spider-logo has disappeared. The overall motif of the red and blue design is stil presen but with the key difference being the large helmet with the four extra eyes as a design. There are other nice touches like the webs coming from the fingers.

Overal Dimayuya's re-design is fantastic and instantly rings of japanese super heros like Ultra Man or Kamen Rider, but most importantly it doesn't change the core personality of the character of Spider-Man.

Project Rooftop has many great examples of super heros being redesigned in interesting ways and it shows sometime a variation can be just as good as a brand as the concept. Below are More from Dimayyu's designs.

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