Saturday, 15 October 2011

Looking at Characters: Rounding Up

After my research into Character Archetypes and Appeal, what I've learned is there's a wide range of archetypes beyond the inital seven and this can be used to help define characters much better than the basic set.

During my research into character appeal I learned that there a various factors into what can make a character successful. In some cases less is more in other cases a really rich and full background can prove to be the way to make a successful character.

Beyond that theres no real cohesive pattern to making a successful character, be it based on archetypes, personality or appearance. The best approach to this would seem to be focus on creating something to the most highest level, always think how I could improve the design or the character background. It's been good to look into this aspect and it has given me some insight but from now I think I will have to start conceptualising on my own.

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