Sunday, 16 October 2011

Developing a Character: Brain-Storming (Part 1)

The more I looked into my book of Mythology from the east the more I really wanted to create a character based on one of these acient legends. Ultimately for my first character I settled on forming one around the demon "Rangda".

Rangda is described as a demon of death and sickness, after trying to settle on an idea using my brainstorm (seen right here) I came up with a base premise to fill out on the proper character sheet.

I also decided to change Rangda's name as I thought it wasn't feminine enough so to solve that problem I simply added an x and moved the letters around. So, after my brain storming the basis for one of my characters is:
"A demon who can disguise herself as a human, Xangdra is a bringer of death and sickness. Disguising herself as an attractive woman she manipulates herself to the top of the Oren corporation where in she plans to release a plague that would wipe out humanity and allow her fellow demons to rise where she will take place amongst them as their queen"

(Rangda pictured above)
With one character's background complete I'm almost ready to start the visual conceptualising of the project.

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